Why a theme for your event is more critical than you may think…

Why a theme for your event is more critical than you may think…

When you’ve been in the event space for as long as we have, you learn a thing or two about creating excitement and buzz when it comes to a carefully thought out and executed party. While a theme isn’t necessary or appropriate in all settings, it certainly heightens the experience to those in attendance and we are big believers in that!

One of the biggest drivers towards that excitement first and foremost starts with a theme. Whether it be simple or extravagant, a theme sets the mood and tone of the event before you even step through the doors.

How so you ask? Well, the answer is simple really…

When is the last time you attended a corporate gathering or a birthday party where you said to someone “Oh, I have a corporate thing tonight” or “I have to go to some birthday party?”

We all casually throw around going to these events however, when there’s a theme involved, it suddenly turns into… “Oh my gosh, I’ve got this really cool Speakeasy themed event I’m headed to tonight. I’m wearing a beautiful feather headpiece and I have an elegant old fashioned style costume to put on, I can’t wait.”

BAM! Instant game changer right there. Don’t you hear the vibe suddenly shift? We do…

With that vibe and awareness comes eagerness to share and relate to other people in attendance whom you might normally not engage with. Think about it… Having a theme promotes social interaction and awareness not only to the theme and event itself but for the purpose behind the event which in turn gets people talking and sharing about the gathering & themselves!

Bottom Line: if you have an event coming up whether its a social event, birthday party, corporate gathering or even holiday party – consider ramping up the emotion by choosing a theme that will make your event one to remember!

  • Cara Blattner
    Posted at 17:30h, 13 December Reply

    Great post! Themes are always a fun idea for guests & allows people to get involved in the planning process!

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