Word of 2018 – Connection

Word of 2018 – Connection


Noun – anything that connects; a connecting part; link; bond.

In a world full of people what is more satisfying than forming a genuine and real connection with someone? What can be more powerful and uplifting than being able to say that you’ve formed a new bond or strengthened an already existing relationship whether it be personal, familial, or work related? As Tom Ford so eloquently said, “the most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” If you think about it, eventually everything connects. Every relationship formed has a purpose and a greater reasoning behind it that elevates something in your life whether it be personal or professional which is why CONNECTION is our ever so important chosen word of 2018.

Connection to our Clients: At Verona Villa, providing a customizable experience catered to your needs is our T O P priority. We pride ourselves in offering an expert level of customer service while getting to know each and every individual who walks through our doors on a personal level. In the New Year, we hope to connect on an even deeper level with our future clients as we aim to enhance their vision for a successful event and deliver nothing short of the very best.

Connection to our Community: Being a part of the Frisco, TX community is a huge part of who Verona Villa is. We love what we do and we love where we live which is why we make it a point to invest and give back to the community. In 2017 we were fortunate enough to cultivate partnerships/relationships with The Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Frisco Women’s League, Collin County Meals on Wheels, Frisco Arts, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Frisco Young Life, and MORE! In 2018 we hope to strengthen and expand those relationships as our connection to the community becomes stronger and more present.

Connection to our Vendors: As a standard, Verona Villa partners with various vendors from an array of industries on a daily basis. We are proud to be a venue of choice rather than set rules when it comes to whom our clients wish to be a part of their special day. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance to us that we build and maintain solid relationships with reputable vendors so that we are able to suggest the best in the business to our clients. In 2018, we aspire to enhance our existing relationships and seek out new relationships that will benefit our future clients.

Connection within our Team: The team here at Verona Villa is a tight knit group with a vibrant outlook on everything we do. On a daily basis, we strive to work together to achieve goals and deliver events with solid execution that only one could dream of. Our tagline here at VV is Gather – Celebrate – Inspire. Our team truly embodies this spirit as we aim to gather each day, celebrate every successful event and inspire each other always. In light of our already solid relationship, we go in to the New Year with all the confidence in the world that we can grow even closer and deliver events that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives!

If you can’t already tell, we are incredibly passionate about our word of the year, C O N N E C T I O N.

I’ll leave you with this simple note…



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